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Martin Luther

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Western University
History 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

Most important lecture of the term17 July 1507 Martin Luther knocked on the door of an Augustinian monastery and asked to become a novice There was nothing unusual about this eventmany men did this to show devotion to Christ or to further themselves and their familyMartin was not very unique in his origins 1483 born in Saxony with peasant family relatively wealthy Hans father married into a prominent urban family Hans was intent on not allowing the family to fall back into povertyso he wanted his children to have the best education Hans wanted Martin to become a lawyer At 4 years old Martin went to Mansfield where he learned Latin and memorization etc For Martin went to Eisenach for his secondary education History rhetoric advanced Latin etcMartin goes to Erfurt for university bachelor and masters in the arts and is first in his classthen moved on to lawSo why did Martin want to become a monk His motivations for entering the monastery were very unusualMartin had gone home to visit family and after this visit he heads back to university but is caught outside in a thunderstorm and is nearly stuck by lightninghe asks to be saved he thinks he is going to die St Anne save me and I will become a monkhe believes he St Anne saved himMartin was then convinced to become a monk obviously the father is very upsetthOn the 17 o
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