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History 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

John CalvinthMost important figures in the reformation and the 16 century Three magisterial reformerstrinity of the reformers martin luther john calvin ulrech ziwngly Calvin is a second generation reformer More of an organizerbuilds on foundation made by luther and other guyElusive and enigmatic personalityvery important person but it is difficult to study himReason 1very different personality than Luther Calvin is shy and retiring hides behind his task and his teachings Says very little of himself Reason 2those who have studied him discussed him in great detail however he inspires very polar reactions A man of paradoxvery powerful mind but at the same time he had a weak body Sees himself as shy but his friends saw him as a man who could act powerfully He said he never wanted power but wielded power well Biographyborn in 1509 in Noyon Francesees himself as a Frenchman always retains a concern for the spirituality of Francefamily was well offhis father is educated and secretary to the local bishop Family name Cauvin Calvin is the Latin formBeneficesscholarship from the churchportion of the land and were allowed to profit off this land and uses the profit to put themselves through school Calvin and his brother were educated at the house of the Montmor familyeducated with the Montmor family by the private tutor This means from a very early age calvin grows up among the world of the elite Luther is from the world of the peasantworld of the common people Calvin is comfortable among elite social circles Cultured and refined Calvin understands politics In 15201521 Calvin was sent to paris and was enrolled in the university of paris enrolled in a sub college the college de la Marchebasic set of skills before he could get his ba age of ten or elevenBegins hi ba at the college de montaigu age 12 or 13Continued to excel in his studies 152526 he had his ba and masters He is sixteen with a mastersHis father wanted calvin to become a minister but he then decided that he wants Calvin to study law
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