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Early Modern History: Europe - Time and Space

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History 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

History 2403ETheme of the course ChangethBuilding Block Lecture Time and Space in the 1500sSept 10Category of GeographyEurope was Geographically closedIt was inwardly focusedThere was little knowledge of the wider world and of other parts of EuropeIt was regionally focusedColumbus and other people where traveling trading and discovering but these people were an exceptionLower class people did not know about the wider world or care to knowPeople did not move around Many would live and die without traveling more than 20km outside of their areaThe elite moved around more because they had to Their responsibilities required them to move but they still stayed within their regionThis would change in the 1700s from an inward focus to an outward onePoliticsThe holy roman empire is dominantSpain Germany do not exist yetItaly is not a country but is made up by geographic statesThe Papal state is very largeThe ottoman Empire is still very powerfulWestern Europe is very fragmented politically Within the HRE there are 300 separate statesEven places with clear borders are still geographical units not politically soundPowerful nobles verging on independencea constant threat of power shiftingDeep divisions between urban and Rural areas90 of people live in the country 10 in cities What bound people togetherReligionAll most everyone was a Christian and Roman Catholic There are small pockets of jaws and Muslims and they lived in the citiesDifferent types of Christians but only a fewMost peoples faith was very importantBiggest concern for most people spiritual wellbeingAll choices are governed by religious doctrineTake to the field because of religionReligion matters to them more than anything1715 this will not be the case due to the protestant reformation
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