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Western University
History 2404E
Eli Nathans

History 2404 Study Guide Readings Thesis Specifics Broader Context NameTitleDateCorrelations between Showed average birth Age structure and demographicPrussian Census of population density death rates for men and patterns have an effect on 1817 marriage rates women in rural and urban individual behaviour social illegitimacy rates areas structures and beliefsThe Old Regime isFrance was intellectual Radishev and Kant were characterized by the loss developed enough to know exempted from Behrens of legitimacy by those that they had to keep up critique both had solid issues involved in the with British development they wanted to solve aristocracy of the regime other European nations social revolution was possible France caught between lacked this intellect because of a combination of Behrens The the old order which was New Regime period of oppression and substantial Ancien Regime failing and revolution oppression many people education within the population 1967The enlightenment in joined the nobility vast majority of peasants France was incoherent however France also boasted Philosophies were too more educated peoples than Utopian offered no most other countries applicable solutions to problems in societylife for a day labourer wages not regulated Shows how the French was extremely hard in fluctuated across regions Revolution did little to help the France life was hard for all situation of laborersall members of the members of the family connection to Behrens family expected to work said slaves in the coloniesThe Day Labourer production more had better lives in Britanny important than their day labourers easily comfort replaced no opportunities or education available to better themselves in legal and physical like in France there were as in France the introduction ofThe Russian Surf terms the large many types of serfs a middle managerial class made population of Russian some had the option of conditions even worse for the
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