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Western University
History 2404E
Eli Nathans

World War One March 20Long Term Causes of the First World War 1 Structural reasons for the increasingly deadly and total form of warfare a The influence of industrialization on warfareNew machines techniques used to promote human progress were turned to kill people much more effective at killingSocieties were much richer could fund war for much longer b European states increasing powers with respect to societyAble to borrow money far beyond the annual budget ration food etcLeaders failed to appreciate modern technologies that could be sued for war did not expect the war to reach the level that it did much longer and more devastating than any other warBismarck like others believed success could be had if they struck quickly before the opponents were prepared didnt work 2 German ambitions in Europe and in the world and the Allied resistance a Eyre Crowes analysis of the bases for German ambitionsGermany rapidly industrialized not satisfied with its existing position of powerGermany wants its own empire for a source of raw materialsLooks back at Prussian Frederick the Greats aggressive imperialism policyLater leaders aggressive action taking of Alsace etcBismarckSuggests it will be difficult to get Germany to change its policies that have been historically ingrained and moderately successful A cost of imperialism Britains is that someone else might look to imitate it GermanyRecommends a long term policy of aggression arms race and alliances to choke out the power b Influence of domestic politics on German foreign policyForeign policy is often closely connected to domesticHow people behave in the past indicates how they will act in the futureWithin Germany the ruling elite used to behaving in a harsh manner with groups that got in their way ie German elections readingLeaders didnt listen carefully to minorities without powerGerman elite was insecure not based on parliaments monarchs and elite had power were constantly trying to manipulate electionsTried to sway people through nationalism beating the drums of warGovernment felt weak and wanted to appeal to public sentiment thus they were prepared for war
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