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Lecture 21 – Noble Society in the Middle Ages

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

cWU`a^WŶŵÊ[TW[UW`Z`W VVWYW_ [W\SZS`[Z_SZVWXZ`[Z_ [Ua_ŵŷ WZ`a^Ê#Y WVWbS W^[V O [TW_S^WV[ ZYbW^ cWÊYW[X`W[^V_ [T` O [TWS^ _`[U^S`_TS^[Z_Z[`S_[X`WZW`U O áZUaVW_WUUW_ S_` US[^V_^UT _[\_UW^ U_W`U 4 —_\WU S ^UT _[\_[XSZ`W^Ta^ SZV[^ O WVY^WS`\ WUW_[XSZV_ O ŒW^ _SZaTW^ÊŹŴ"ŵŴŴ[a_W[V_ŵ$[X\[\aS` [Z 4 [aZYW^T^[`W^_W`US^WZ[`U[Z_ VW^WVZ[TW aZU`[Z_[X`W[TW#[a_W[V O WZ`^SZ_``a`[Z`[WbW^WbW[X_[UW`&X^[[ZS^U`[\WS_SZ`_ 4 á\[^`SZ``[WbW^ VS XW O S'[^aZ`[XWU[Z[USU`b` 4 ^YSZ %W `_W_`S`W_[X`WZ_US``W^WV Z[`W^\S^`_[X`WU[aZ`^ 4 [Z_\ Ua[a_[Z_a\` [Z [ [[VU[` ZYSZaXSU`a^WVY[[V_ O [aZVS`[Z[X [`USYZWZ` 4 —bW^ \[^`SZ`Z[TWc[aVSbW_[WX[^[X\[ ` USSU` b ` `W cW^WWZYSY ZY Z [ ``WZV ZY& ZY'_U[a^` S^ SWZ`[a_W[X[^V_ 4 [^S SZUW_c `Z[TW_c[` Z`WcS [aV[ O WZ`W^_[X`S^\[cW^ 4 [TWSZ'_\[cW^VW\WZV_[Z[cSZ \W[\WS^Wc ZY`[X Y` X[^ 4 ‰ bW`W_`S`a_c ``W^aW^cWZU[aZ`^ __`STW[^\a` \^W__a^W[Z[ZS^U Z`^[aTW_[WVS _ O ^W_`YW 4 W_`W [aS^WS \[^`SZ`\W^_[Z 4 `aS_ÊV[Z'` bWS_`W)W__W^X[*_a^^[aZVWVT UW^W[Z 4 WZ`W^[X[_\ `S ` ÊW+\WU`WV`[WZ`W^`S Z Z \^W__ bW_ %W O ^`_ 4 SbW[ZW `[X ZSZUWSZV\S`^[ZSYW`WS^`_\S Z`\[^`^S `_ `S\W_`^ W_a_ U 4 _\S [XcWS`SZV \[^`SZUW 4 ^` _`_a_ U SZ_\[W`_ 4 [a_Wa_`TW_aXX U WZ` Y^SZV`[V _\S S^`U[WU` [Z_ O WY[Z 4 [_`SSbW[cZ\^ bS`WUS\W 4 [a_W[V\^S W^_WV`W^W _[\*^[__`W_`W[XcZU[ZSZV_aW_ O ZW[X[_` \[^`SZ`Ua^UWZ[X—ZYSZV Z`WŵŶŴŴ_ O aW_c^ ``WZ ZS` Z O [_W`[c^ `W`WTWUSa_W `cS_Y[[V`[SbWSc^ ``WZbW^_ [Z\W[\W cSZ`WVSZaS_ O ^[`WT[[[Z[c`[^aZSZ[TW[a_W[V 4 —Y[aZ`W__[X ZU[Zc V[cWV [ `S`a_[Xc V[c_]a `W YSVU[Z`^[[bW^SZ V XXW^WZ` ` ZY_ [ _[\\^[VaUWVV[UaWZ`X[^W^[Z[c`[^aZ`W [a_W[V O #[c`[Y[bW^ZSZVSZV[a_W[V+ 4 WW_ZWÊ bW[XX [a^SZVSZVW_`S`W_V ^WU` aZVW^ [a^U[Z`^[ V[Z'`^WZ``W[a``[[`W^_ [ bW[XX`WY[[V_[Z [a^SZV_ [ [^V[^SV _[aV`SW\W^_[ZS Z`W^W_` Z[c`W ^SZV_ cW^W^aZWbWZ`[aY`W SV_W^bSZ`_W`U [ WS^ZS^WS[X [a^SZVSbW\^[\W^_a^bW SVWcWZ [a YS Z [a^ ZW^ `SZUW O bW^SYW WVa_W_XWW_[V ZY_^WZ`SW`U [ S`[bSTW_SZV [bSTW_[ZWSU\^[\W^` [ áZ`W^b Wc[a_W[V_W^bSZ`_W_\WU S _`WcS^V 4 [aV`WZVW`W
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