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Lecture 24 - Edward II

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 24The Eclipse of Monarchy Edward II I Introduction y 13071327 y One of the most unsuccessful reigns in English history o Lurches from one crisis to the next o Called not sufficient to govern by his opponents y Pliable person allows himself to be dominated by favourites y Physically impressive spoke well good horsemen had a sensible understanding of the understanding of government o But indecisive lazy etc o Liked boating and swimming and other unkingly activities o Doesnt do well in battle Bannockburn y Touching for the kings evilbelieved that the monarch had special powers of healing people of their diseases o Edward I blessed over 1700 people Edward II highest amount was 214 people II The Gaveston Years 13071312 y Piers Gaveston dominates the court and the king y Opponents to Edward II mostly dead by time he is crowned y Problems inherited by Edward II o Debts 200000 pounds because of warsEdward did get money from Parliament o ScotlandAbandoned Scottish campaign y Strong friendship between Edward II and Piers Gaveston o Son of a knight in the royal household o Friends before Edward became king o Edward I disapproved of the friendship and eventually banished Gaveston from England o Gaveston returns after the death of Edward I and given the title of the Earl of CornwallUsually given to member of the royal family son of the monarch currently Prince Charles and Camilla o Edward didnt listen to advice from anybody else agnates hated them lorded over them like a second kingo At coronationLooked more like the god Mars than a normal mortal and wore purple and many jewels y Marries Isabella princess from France o Only 12 years old o Sidelined by Gaveston y Many historians believe that it was a sexual relationship others argue that the closeness was explained by Edward adopting Gaveston as a brother y Has children both legitimate and illegitimate
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