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Lecture 30 - Reign of Richard II, Continued

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 30Reign of Richard II continuedII 13801388 Crisis 13971399 y Exchequer starting to be ignored favourites of the King starting to be relied on more y 3 Main Favourites o Chancellor Michael de la Pole o Chamberlain Robert de VereOld English family but now one of the most insignificant families of EarlsGiven a new title Marquis of Dublin o Under chamberlain Simon Burley y Called knights of the bedchamber not the battlefield y Trouble with the Scots Richard leads expedition against them now 18 y King of France preparing for massive invasion of Englando John Gaunt gone of to Castile y Government as to call Parliament for taxes because of expeditionso First great crisis y Wonderful Parliament meets in 1386 o First demand of House of Commons is to get rid of Chancellor de la Pole o King refuses very similar to reign of Edward II o Richard does give in allows Pole to de impeached and convicted of poor administration o Trying to reduce
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