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Lecture 35, Part 2 - Politics and Society in the 15th Century

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Western University
History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 35 Part 2Politics and Society in the 15th Century V Law Problems y Corruption very common y Conviction rates in criminal cases were fairly low y Civil cases could take up to 100 years over land disputes y Maintenance of order depends on the upper classes cooperating the government agencies who in turn had to rely on the ruler o Trouble could erupt when there is a poor monarch or one who relies on too few advisors Edward II Richard II Henry VI y Peerage not wiped out during the Wars of the Roses y Edward IV relied on a large number of aristocratic clients o Clientage personal relationship between lords o Important for clerics as opposed to laitysecular lords o Patronage is vital ththy Standard form of indenture by late 14early 15 century o Dominate local government o KingGreat LordsGentry y William Hastings o Created a lord by Edward IV in 1461 o When regaining power from Henry VI 3000 men joined Edwards small army mostly those who came at the
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