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Lecture 36 - The Yorkist Kings: Edward VI

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Western University
History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 36The Yorkist Kings Edward IV Introduction y Edward IV Edward V Richard III y All driven from the throne at some point o Edward from Henry VI o Edward V had throne taken by his uncle Richard of Gloucester who declared him illegitimate parents didnt have a proper marriage o Richard III driven from throne and killed at Battle of Bosworth Field y Little at stake had a lot of success of ruling the realm y Set important precedents for the Tudors I The Reign of Edward IV y Determined energetic great military leader y Lancastrians eliminated from the direct male line by murder of Henry VI in the Tower of London y Two Parts 14611470 and 14711483 separated by readeption of Henry VI y Brothers George Duke of Clarence and Richard Duke of Gloucester o Both very ambitious and want lots of land given to them o Want to get their hands on the land of Warwick the kingmaker o George marries daughter of the Earl of Warwick Richard wante
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