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Lecture 38 - Henry VII: Rehabilitating the Monarchy

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 38Henry VII Rehabilitating Monarchy I Securing the Dynasty aClaim to the Throne y Many have a better claim o Elizabeth of York sister of Edward V also has a number of other sisters o John Earl of Lincoln and Edmund de la Pole Earl of Suffolk have a good claimNephews of Richard III y Beauforts legitimized under Richard II o Claim under both the mother and fathers side is not very strong o From the second marriage of Catherine of France to Owen Tudor member of the gentry no royal blood y Summons Parliament only a true king can summon Parliament o Recognize his claim o Practically his victory have cleared the way for him to the throne o AngloSaxon idea that winning the battle means that God is on your side God has chosen Henry Tudor y Marries Elizabeth of York very good marriage o If you accept the female line she had a better claim than he did o Only married her after he was crowned so he was a crowned and anointed ruler y Founder of a Dynasty o Must act firmly bConspiracies y Some people come onside as soon as he married Elizabeth of York o Many members of the House of York are ruined financially y Not huge rebellions extremists o Against Tudor accession y The Plots o Lovell Conspiracy 1486Rising based in the northFailed quite quicklyLovell fled abroad o Lamnel Simnel Plot 1487Much more seriousClaims to be the 10 year old Earl of WarwickMany convinced looked a lot like himGot support from many who had access to grind eg the de la Poles Margaret of Burgundy one of the sisters of Edward V etcDeclared Edward VIIreland ready to support him begin march south to LondonBattle of Stoke 1487
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