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Lecture 39 - Henry VIII: The Wolsey Years

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 39Henry VIII The Wolsey Years I Introduction a Renaissance Kingship y Venetian ambassador handsome tall spoke French English and Italian jouster and good archer most accomplished prince good at music hunting etc y First king of England to write a book Assertio Septem Sacremntorum o Makes him appear to follow the Catholic Church y Good at choosing good servants o Eg Thomas Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell y Bad qualitieso Totally ruthless and ungrateful to those who have helped himFirst two victims Dudley and Empsondidnt do anything to deserve execution loyal servants to the crown but were not liked because of their fiscal reforms o Bad temper o Unscrupulous in attitude but make sure everything looks legal o Very good at hating people implacable o Relentless at getting rid of servants who are no longer useful y Hard to find any longterm goals o Did love to go to war like to offload the dreary state affairs to others while pursuing his pleasures y Court becomes a magnate for lords and gentlemen y Wolsey achieves domination of the government when the king is an adult really unique o Delegates a very able king o But no doubt that he is servant of the king and will not be there any longer than Henry wants him there stands alone no affinity o Focus of jealous and contempt he had a humble background angered the lords bSecond Generation Approach y Older brother Arthur died at age 18 making him heir apparent y Focus of constant flattery and attention y Allowed subordinates to carry out the drudgery of government not interested in daytoday thingsII Kingly Aims y Wants honour and glory wanted to be the new Henry V y Not keen on saving money like his father y Had a very stable childhood unlike his fatherIII The Royal Servant Thomas Wolsey a selection of his offices y Made is way purely on his abilities y Sent off to Oxford enters the church y 1507 enters the service of Henry VII
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