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Lecture 40 - The Henrician Revolution

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 40Henrician Reformation Introduction y Fear that there wouldnt be a strong enough leader succeed him on the throne y Turns to Thomas Wolsey for an annulment muddied by conflicts on the continent y 1527 troops of Charles V sack Rome and take the Pope prisoner y Even when the Pope Clement was free we gives into Charles Vs request to have the trial held in Rome y End of Wolseys career Henry wants to bring down his most trusted servant o Praemunire o Accused of executed his power against the laws of England o Stripped of all his offices o Dies en route to the Tower of London most likely would have been executed if he made it to the Tower y 2 Parts of the Reformationo Political Jurisdictional Revolution in the Church o Movement for Religious Reformation and dissolution of the MonasteriesI The Political Party Sir Thomas More o Henry unsure what to do and who can help at first o Calls on Sir Thomas Moreo ProKatherine y Diplomatic and Other Processes o Henry calls Parliament knew there was many anticlerical sentimentsNeeds allies in what he is going to doPasses a few bits of legislationHenry tries to pile on diplomatic pressure on RomeSends people to many European universities for parts of the Bible that are favourable to his case o Entire English clergy undergo PraemunireSurrender to the King o 1532 Pressure moves up and a full frontal assault on Papal rights in England is questioned y Thomas Cromwell o New minister ambitious not of high social background o Personally in the reform ideas that were circulating o Cromwell puts his talents to work for HenrySeems to have come up with some kind of plan to solve the Kings Great Matter o Cromwell directs drafts that go through ParliamentCuts the spiritual legal and financial bonds to Rome o Act in Restraint of Appeals 1533
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