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Lecture 41 - The Edwardian Revolution

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Western University
History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 41The Edwardian Revolution I Successiony Henry VIIIs leaves three legitimate children o MaryDaughter of Katherine of AragonEldest Catholic o ElizabethDaughter of Anne Boleyn o EdwardSon of Jane SeymourSickly child Only 9 years old y An Evil Inheritance GR Elton o Henry VIII left his sonLeaves country at war with ScotlandPoor economic situation y Policy of debasement fuels inflationShaken system and a court divided by factionsNation divided in religion II Religious Situation 1547y Religious Factions o Henry refused any tampering with Catholic dogma and discipline except the cutting out of the popeWished to be supreme head of a national church source of ecclesiastical power and disciplineDid not have to get permission from parliament useful but not necessaryAct of Six Articles of 1539 y First article acknowledges transubstantiation y Those who go against these articles are convicted of heresy and burned at the stakeKept Cranmer in office even though he liked the reformer ideas o Privy Council of 16 was created no one named protector y Henry VIIIs position y Edwards educationIII Main Players y 15471549 Dominion of Edward Seymour o Brother of Jane Seymour acquired title of protector o Earl of Hertford and Duke of Somerset o First Protestant to enjoy ruling the English state o Corresponded with John Calvin o Repeals the 6 Articles Orthodox o Introduces several protestant reforms to the church y 15491553 domination of John Dudley
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