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Lecture 48 – Charles I

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 48Charles I Politics Religion and Personal Rule 16251640 I Charles Background and CharacterBorn in Scotland second sonNot expected to live very long3 when his father inherited the English crownLeft behind in Scotland until he was strong enough to make the journeyCould not speak yet trouble walking78 health improves has a stammerOvershadowed by his older brother HenryHenry dies at 18 of a fever maybe propheriaCharles now the heir to the throne difficult for him o Shy reserved dullHumiliating trip to Spain settled on French alliance o Married to Henrietta MariaMarriage not that good remains dependant on Steemie Buckingham o Constant advisor to CharlesII Foreign Policy ProblemsDominate parliamentFrench Alliance AntiHapsburg Policy o Reversal of James hopes military commitment to fight with the French against the Spanish o English government fighting on behalf of German protestants o Parliament needed to be called for taxesKeen on a warWanted Elizabeth and elector Palatinate back but not willing to pay a lot of money o Negotiating with Dutch and DanesWanted to get others to fight on their behalfMansfeld Expedition o Plan by Buckingham o Army under Count Mansfeld o Mass desertions en route to Germany o Wallenstein takes apart the Mansfeld forcesCadiz Expedition o English army put into the field expedition against Spain o Even worse than Mansfeld o Very hot October not much supplied by the countrysideLots of vines drink lotsNot capable of fighting sent back to ships o Tried to get hands on Spanish treasure ships on their way back from the New WorldGoes badly after a few daysShips in poor conditionFood is awful conditions terrible
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