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Lecture 47 – James VI of Scotland to James I of England

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 47James VI of Scotland to James I of England I AccessionNo alternative candidate for the throne think it was Elizabeths wish to have James son of Mary Queen of Scots succeed herWrites to the English Privy Council for money to complete his journey from York to LondonCharacter o Not a stunning physically had rickets o Better on horseback o French ambassador tone of a tyrant vulgar and condescending o Nervous pathologically feared violence o Clever the wisest fool in Christendom lacks common sense o Lectures opponents Parliaments o Has favourites thought to have had homosexual relationships o Gun Powder PlotPlan to blow up the Houses of Parliament and James 1605Didnt improve his nervesGeorge Villiers Duke of Buckingham o Thought to be lover of James I o Becomes very unpopular o First an earl then marquis finally made dukeJacobean o People offended by displays of affectionWas an experienced king already had done well in Scotland o Gained control of Scottish Kirk and imposed bishops as Presbyterian Told new English subjects he was an old king and needed no lessons o Not true English constitution very differentII Religious Policies Eirenic period o Peaceful age in religion largely period of compromise o Puritanism had been losing ground during reign of Elizabeth hopeful during the reign of James I No bishop no king o James very interested in theology impressed by the hierarchy of the English Church o People who dont want bishops is not just challenging the church but the king as well o Hierarchical structure ruined if there are no bishopsHampton Court conference King James Bible o Bishops and reformers present o A few small changes agreed on but nothing drastic o Important changeNew translation of the Bible into English shall be made King James Bible
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