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Lecture 49 – Towards Civil War

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 49Towards Civil War 16401642 I IntroductionPersonal rule of Charles I ends civil war breaks out two years laterII Scots RebellionNational Covenant o Scots feared Armenians and the new service book o Rose in revolt swore a covenant to protect their own system of worship from and English o Charles raised an army but it failedSir Thomas Wentworth Earl of Strafford o Once opposed Charles I o Returned from Ireland when called o Man of the frontier from Yorkshire o Ireland was a lawless frontier only part under control was the area around Dublin castle known as the Pale o Wentworth really took to his job tried to control the IrishVery unpopular in Ireland imposed strong government enthusiastically o Advised Charles to rule firmly and deal with enemies stronglyRebellion in Scotland must be crushedNeeds to raise large sums of money needs to call Parliament o Parliament called in 1640 o Wentworth created the Earl of StraffordIII The Short Parliament 1640 All pentup hostility comes to the surface to be vented in ParliamentCharles would have made sure to fiddle some of the elections by making sure he had friends in Parliament o Parliamentary management not a strength of the StuartsMany of the old opponents to the crown were dead o Coke etcNew generation of parliamentary opponents are growingJohn Pym o Leader of a small but vocal group in the Commons o Good manager o Intense studious trained in law antiCatholic o Commons insisted that the grievances need to be redressed then money can be voted in taxesStrafford member of House of Lords realizes that Pym is writing to rebellious Scots o Suggests that Charles to dissolve Parliament and he does after only three weeks of Parliament o None of the crowns problems have been solvedScots cross the border and occupy all the northern shires of England
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