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Lecture 45 – Later Elizabethan Problems

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 45Later Elizabethan Problems I Religion y Challenges to the Elizabethan Religious Settlement o Settlement of 1559 is viewed as a final settlement by Elizabeth wanted to make everyone happy and have the church be comprehensive via media o But will come under attack from very convinced Puritans and Catholics o APuritan ChallengeDefinitions y 1602 loves God with all his soul and hates himself with all his heart y Called each other the professors of true religion y These precise folk by the Archbishop of Canterbury y Hotter sort of Protestants not merely conforming because thats the way it is y Aims to change the church from within very few separate themselves from the church of EnglandVestiarian Controversy y Something that arises about the vestments of the minister What they wear y Denying the power of the bishop is denying the person who appointed them the ruler y Government holds its ground and insists the wearing of these vestmentsThomas Cartwright y Dismissed from his professorship at Cambridge y Criticized the established church no academic freedomGovernment reactions y Pamphlet war between Puritans and Anglicans o Attack standards of preaching church organization church services etc o Parliament would have to settle these reforms almost every Parliament during reign of Elizabeth a Puritan MP would call for Puritan reforms o Elizabeth will give nothing to these critics y Church of England trying to stamp out trouble known separatists were eased out of their positions o Court of High Commission kept people from toeing the line o Some separatists are condemned to deathVery small numbersOnly a handful of people
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