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Lecture 46 – The Tudor Age- Society & Culture

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 46The Tudor Age SocietyCulture I Context thth Age of the Renaissance of the 1516 centuriesMore significant on the continent but England did catch up with continental achievements o Was external recognition of Englands achievementsLiteracy rates scientific discoveries exploring the new world visual arts etcII Architecture PaintingMonasteries were dissolved and goods taken to London and melted down during reign of Henry VIII and Edward VIIconoclasm paintings of saints etc were removed because it was believed that you didnt need images or relics between you and God o Meant destruction of artistic masterpiecesMany manuscripts were destroyed as wellMob in Oxford burned books of math because they thought it was magic almost did the same for books of GreekElizabethan period was a recovery o Development of large country houses instead of defensible castlesEg Hardwick Hall o Tribute to the stability of the Tudor period didnt need a dwelling that was heavily fortifiedPainting regarded as subordinate to architectureLeading painters came from abroadHans Holbein the Younger o From Augsburg GermanyNicholas Hilliard o Best known Elizabethan painting o Son of a goldsmith o Official miniaturist of Elizabeth I and James IIII Music sacred and secularField in which Tudor England especially Elizabethan when England gained international prestigeThomas Tallis o Considered one of the best of Englands composersWilliam Byrd o Composed for Anglican and Roman Catholic services o Organist of the Chapel Royal protected by ElizabethSecular music did as well as sacred musicMusic for dancing eg VoltaBeing taught these things was important to aristocratic people o Play instrument dance cite read music etc o Embarrassing if you could not do these things
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