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Lecture 42 – The Reign of Mary

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

LectureThe Reign of Mary I Accession Accession a major problem to begin with tried to cut her out of the successionNorthumberland tried to secure the crown for Lady Jane Grey o Granddaughter of Henry VIIIs sister Mary and Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk o Married to the son of the Duke of Northumberland o English people not interested in the accession of Jane Grey no civil war o Reign lasted nine daysMary triumphs quite easily based on legitimism o Also a triumph of the Tudor dynasty o Bequeathed to the crown by parliamentary statute o Will of Henry VIII gave the crown to Mary if Edward had no heirsRejoicing at the accession of Mary showed she was brave enough to gallop to London and take the throne o Peace and popularity o Bonfires ringing of church bells etc o Any doubts were et aside o Doubted if she would be a queen regent reigns on her ownQueen Matilda a poor omen for a female rulerPersonality o Staunch Catholic religious change expected o Calm gentle considerate by her supporters o Bad press overall o GR EltonAnti MaryArrogant stubborn suspicious stupidEarly Life o Unhappy time for her o 11 when her father divorced her mother declared illegitimate o Health problems o Fathers marital career unstable several stepmothersMany werent sympathetic to her o Had to take the Oath of Supremacy which went against her Catholic upbringingFelt she betrayed her religion and her mother37 when she acceded to the throneSet upon bringing the realm back into connection with the papacy by undoing the Henrician and Edwardian reformationsNecessity of a husband to produce an heir o Wanted a Catholic to produce a Catholic heirII Marriage Question
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