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Lecture 56 – The Glorious Revolution

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture – The Glorious Revolution I) The Term  Events from 1688-1689  First known use is from November, 1689 o Invented about a year after William of Orange comes over from the Netherlands  Glorious: no blood shed and no one killed o Armies of William of Orange and James II never fought  Revolution: very significant event o History is the story of the victors, the people who won describe it o The Whigs were the main beneficiaries, and dominate the historiography II) Whig Interpretation  Lord Thomas Macaulay o Very popular interpretation, celebrated but until 1988  James was making it his mission to achieve absolute power of the state and subvert the basic rights of the people o Similar to Louis XIV o Alienated the bulk of the population  Political leaders of the nation untied to invite William of Orange to save the situation  Victory for the sovereignty of parliament and established a constitutional monarchy  The Bill of Rights is a key document III) Glorious?  Not a national movement o Jacobites in Scotland and Ireland o Not everyone was happy with the arrival of William and Mary  Blood was shed in Scotland, major up
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