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Colonial Government

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History 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

Sept, 27, 2012 Colonial Government -In the beginning they made the most of what was already there in the laws and cities and they had to adapt to the ways of the people because they could not force them all to change like with the markets -Areas where new towns are on the old towns have more cultural integration Establishing a Town: -Said you had to erect a tree trunk and the leader would sink his knife in it and proclaim his right to rule and punish and had to declare they founded the community in the name of the king and promise to protect it and run it -Had to promise to give good justice and erect a cross at the site of the future church and mass had to be said and the leader would appoint his secondaries and Indian chiefs were allowed to allot labour as they saw fit -Flags of the conquering country were flown to make their claim known and then they had to start building the town up and there was always a main plaza and this was always square and from there went off streets from the corners in a grid pattern and on one side there would be a church and on another the government buildings -As well there would be a section for merchants (lived and worked there) so as the city grew there were two story buildings with merchant’s shops on the bottoms and their dwellings at the top -Good locations were given to the high up citizens and class went down as you went out from the plaza -At the beginning the natives were given an area apart because of the idea that there were two republics for the Spanish and the natives but this did not last long because they had to work together and thus they mixed together -Having the plaza so neatly laid out was an idea from the Renaissance because they loved order and balance so the Europeans incorporated this here because they could not in their home countries which were already too built up Castile: -The Royal Council of the Indies gave the king advice on the goings on in the Americas in 1523 -These councils were all made up of local Europeans -Then they had their board of trade in 1503 and it controlled trade and immigration and this resulted in a monopoly because they had the only port legally allowed to trade to the Americas Portugal: -Had the Overseas Counc
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