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Western University
History 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

Trade and the Spanish Empire -There was a lot of regional specialization and legislation of 1631 prevented the colonies from trading together -There were diverse merchants in Asia and Spain tried to monopolize the market but they did not produce enough goods to satisfy the needs of the colonies which were mostly farming the same raw materials -There was one port in Spain allowed to trade to the Americas and this was in Sevilla and visa versa -Casa de Contratacion was like the board of trade and they chose who was licensed to trade to the Americas and this resulted in bottlenecks because of the limitations of available ports and they had to pay taxes for transporting goods and 20% of the royal income came from the Americas which is really not that much -In Spain the idea was that they were going to send back manufactured goods to the colonies but they were always lacking so they had to look to other European merchants and they became more of a middle man -When the other countries saw all of the silver coming into Spain they got interested and piracy increased -Pirates were foreigners and there was privatering with people stealing who were licensed to another country to get goods when there is a conflict and the first well known pirates are Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake -Hawkins was a slave trader and he led three main expeditions where first he got African slaves and he tried to sell them in Spain in 1555 but he was not allowed, secondly he tried to sell slaves in the Americas in 1564 that he kidnapped on a ship and he was allowed to sell these in the Caribbean -His third expedition was later and he returned in 1569 when Queen Elizabeth was his investor and he got another stolen ship which he took to the Caribbean and he went to Veracruz and as he was sailing a huge Spanish fleet entered the Gulf with the governor of Cuba on board who was very much against piracy -At this meeting Hawkins and Drake were captured and Hawkins lost many ships and thus the Queen’s money -Opened possibility for slave trade in the Americas through policy of threatening towns to buy what he had and the Spanish tried to monopolize this too but there was still always illegal trade -Drake was more active in the 1570’s and once Spain was trying to protect its fleets with battle ships they would divide as they entered the Gulf going off to different ports (always around mining towns) -Drake recognized the bottleneck and he knew the best place to get ships was Panama or the Caribbean (if he took over Panama he could possibly dismantle the Spanish Empire) so he got together with a Frenchman Le Testu to
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