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Manifest Destiny

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History 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

Lecture 29Jan 31 2012 Manifest Destiny The United States Foreign Policy Towards Latin America During the Nineteenth CenturyThe establishment of American exceptionalism 16071775 y European colonists arrive in Americain 1607 English colonists established the Jamestown settlement in common day Virginia y Come from England looking for gold and any economic benefits o Forgot to plant crops y 1609 500 colonists o Hard time establishing crops o Exporting tobacco y By 1610 100 colonists left o Established the colony and built them up o Speaks of American perseverance y John Winthrop and the Puritans o In 1630 Winthrop and his group of Puritans arrived in American colonies and established the Massachusetts Bay Colony o Left Europe to create A City Upon a HillUsed imagery of GodWant to be the ones to set example for the rest of the worldIdea that they left problems in Europe behind to create something better y Why did people come to the American colonies o Religious freedom th Europe in the 17 century is a mess ex 30 year war o Economic gain o Indentured servitudePeople willing to work for free for a period of time if someone paid for their voyage to America o Slavery o Land o Adventure o Sent by the Crown y Natives and slaves in the American colonies o Pre16072 000 000 indigenous persons lived in the future USA160716605090 died o 700 000 African slaves lived in the US in 17904 000 000 by 1860 y What is going on in the rest of the new world o Brazil owned by Portugal o Central and west coast of South America owned by Spain o 23 of east side of US owned by French o Spain and Portugal have been in the new world for over a century till the British come y Trade in Latin America o Mercantilism o Legally Americans traded with other British colonies o Smuggled also occurredParticularly in Cuba where they acquire exotic items tho Throughout 18 century Americans looked to the south in search of new trading partners and potentially new lands to occupy o Sugar coming from Caribbean used in tea and rum y The dying Iberian empires o PortugueseBrazil sugargolddiamondsLittle industrialization in mothercountry
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