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Mexican Revolution

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History 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

Lecture 33Feb 14 2012 Mexican Revolutiony 1910100 years after independence o Finish date varies depending on what youre looking at end of fighting Constitution y Sudden or complete change or shift in something y Difference between rebellion and revolution o Rebellion does not attempt to change the whole system but an aspect of it o Rebellions are not always successful o Revolution changes the system o Revolutions are always successfulEx Cuban Revolution great exampleEx Nicaraguan Revolution to an extent but things went back to the way they were originally y Top groups are going to be displaced o Because what makes them occupy those levels are going to be removed o Resources could be material or institutional o Number of definitions of revolutionsIntroduction 1 Political process y Dictatorship government between revolution y Revolution creates more workers and factories but not yet completely industrialized y Creates a different societynew social classes are created and middle class grows 2 Meaning of revolution 3 Questions and interpretationsThe
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