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Latin America Industrializing in the 20th Century

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History 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

Lecture 34Feb 16 2012 thLatin America Industrializing in 20 Centuryy Argentina was doing well y Raw materials were valuable y WW1 disrupts economy o Difficult to trade during warCommunication was disrupted o Cuba benefits because they were able to increase export on sugar since Europeans could not produce it o Most countries didnt do well y 1929 Great Depression o Countries get serious about industrializing because they dont want to become dependent on other countries o Central America takes longer to industrialize o Argentina focused on agriculturetakes longer for them to industrialize y 1930 if you want to bring your country to become industrialized have to be able to produce and manufacture what they need and not dependent on English staff o Idea is to end dependency on industrialized world o Want to industrialize because they want to be a more modern countryCurrently great industry is in producing bananasIndustrialization is seen as progress o If want to continue producing sugar going to need to produce a GREAT amount of sugar to be able to afford things but there is a very strict limitation as to how much sugar people can take y Attempt to implement change for modernization slowly o Europe and US are modern industrialized country they are trying to get to o Problem Euro
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