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Populism in Argentina: Juan and Evita Peron

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History 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

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Lecture 3536Feb 28March 1 2012 Populism in Argentina Juan and Eva PeronIntroduction 1 PopulismWith industrialization comes the development of citiesBy 1930s LA was differentPolitical power is changing from rural areas to urban areasMore workers means more people that need to be integrated into societyFranchises want to expand o Bring women into it o Belief that this will bring votes of these womens husband163060 group of people o With different social structure need to redistribute power o More middle classes o Working class is larger o Populist try to manipulate this is get power and stay in powerBelieve that government needs to play a large role in society as well as economy o Previously was all about free trade in LAStrong sense of nationalism o From economic point of view dont want any more foreigners controlling factories 2 Factors that prompt social changeEducationmore people are being educated o 30s mass communicationradioPressure for change o US depression that affects LA even though they had nothing to do with it o Natural diseases o WW2followed the depression 3 Populist movements in Latin AmericaState government that needs to control the armed forces o If cannot control the army unable to hold control over the massNeed offer different things for supportSometimes army acts on its ownLandowners becoming less important o Cities are taking over o Still have large number of peasants in both the cities and townsMore educationprovides and allow greater depth in thoughtInvestorsoften push the government or even overthrow ex GuatemalaHave certain characteristics o 20s50s o Organized in corporate mannermovement occurs in groups o Force people into regimesWorking class andPeasantriesmake up these followersVery nationalist o Want to assert nationalist independence o States intervenes to help promote social justiceUnion will include workers of factory children of favourably etcGovernment gives workers that they needArgentina and the Rise of Person 1 BackgroundEvita Durita attended school till 6 years old wanted to play in a stage playEvita used various men she met to help advance her career
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