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Latin America and the US

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Western University
History 2501E
Luz Hernandez- Saenz

Lecture 3738March 68 2012 Latin America and the US 18201950thThe US and Latin America in the 19 Century y White mans burdenbelief that it is the white mans duty to civilize any person that was not white o Their superiority is questioned when they arrive and are proven to not be as superior as they believe they areThe Roosevelt Administration 19001908 y The Roosevelt Corollary 1901 o Problem with US sailors o 1881 tension between government in Chile and US o Valparaisoone of the ports in ChileFight between the two sidesUS wants Chilean government to apologize or Chile is told to suffer the consequence o 1885 Chile owed money with Britain Germany ItalyThreaten to invade and occupy Chile o Document based on Monroe Doctrine o States that US may not be able to warrant territory of Latin American states that neglects to fulfill its international obligationUS will not invade if they do cause trouble and Chiles debt with Britain will be ignored by US o The Big Stick y The Panama Canal 1903 o 1948 US and Mexican warIn
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