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Western University
History 2605E
Carl Young

September 25th Heian Japan Aristocratic Culture and Society From Nara to HeianNara only remained the capital for around 80 yearsNara temples become increasingly wealthy through land grantsCompete with aristocratic families for influence in courtEmperor Kanmu along with the Fujiwara family decide to transfer the capital to cut down on influence of Nara Buddhist clergyHeian from 794Capital transferred here in 794Also based on Changan China City plan o The city that east Asian countries looked to model their cities afterMany places and imposing templesLater renamed KyotoWould remain imperial capital until 1868 o There would be other secondary capitals but the emperor will always remain here till 1868The PalaceImperial Palaces are always at the northern part because the Emperor always faces northThe Palace is not one building but made up of complexes of several pavilions and buildingsThe Heian StateOnce capital was established in Heian central state gained increasing controlCompetition between great families over titles and offices increasedStructure would endure until 1868 although realities would changeThe Heian StateCenterend on the emperorActual power was held by great familiesCouncil of state Eight Ministries and Office of DeitiesSttate rituals based on Tang Models o Imported from Tang china mixed in with Japanese tradition66 provinces o each had provincial governorstate offices increasingly hereditary o if your dad was the governor of province X then it was highly likely that one of his sons would be the next governor of that state
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