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American South and Violence

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History 3321E
Eric Jarvis

American South February 1 HatfieldsMcCoysJustifiable HomicideJohn Hope Franklin South was addicted to violence on every level of society and it was clear that it went well beyond the civil war Brought attention to the duel becoming extinct thin the north with the ringing of the 19 century while the South continued to take part in this action Burton Brown Overemphasis and overly concerned with honor and it was a matter to be dealt with by violence if it was ever questioned Tendency in the South to take the law into their own hands in a greater degree than seen elsewhere This is reinforced by a weakness in law enforcement Mobile had 9 cops for 60 000 people Kentucky was known for endemic violence at the lower level There were fights that occurred for generations Feud began as to what people in Kentucky did during the civil war as there was a great divide during the war Examination of one side of the family being a unionist and the other being con
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