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American South and the Civil War

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History 3321E
Eric Jarvis

American South Nov 4CIVIL WAR 18611865There was opposition to secession Alabama 61 to 39 votes for the 39 came from northern Alabamapattern areas with fewer slaves are generally mountins and usually opposed to seccession Georgia 208 to 89Tenesse decided not to have a convention they had a referendum it was 2 to 1Virginia key to possible success for the confederacymajor sothern state could be the swing vote 88 to 55Richmond Virgina becomes the capitial for the confederacy Lees army of Northern VirginaKey to the southThere is a problem throught the war of opposition to the confederacy from southern statesThere is clearly a sense of nation hoodIn the midst of this war they need to build a country Very difficult to do have to establish a government whist trying to fight a warThings like coinage and stamps etcPopulation Union states 23
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