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American South: Slavery, Vessy, and Nat Turner

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History 3321E
Eric Jarvis

thAmerican South Oct 19 Summer of 1800 Prosser Richmond VA Conspiracy Plan to kidnap the governor200 men supposed to enter Richmond aug 3 Prosser organized this he recruited ppl and info got outSomeone informed the authorityMilitia and slave patrols are called outNo attack ever occurred but the 20 planners werekilledVessy 1822Vessy was a free blackHe came up with a conspiracy with 80 people Get to the arsenal take some guns etcMilitia is called out eventually vessy and other rebels are killedThere is some controversy whether there was a conspiracy or not1831 Aug 21 Nat turnerNat Turner was a slave field handLead 6070 people against whites were 60 people were killedNat did not have a lot of resources but he became he believed he was meant to free the slaves like freeing the jewsPlans made at the last minute so there are no snitchesPlans made by 21 attacked that nightWanted to take the county seatEventually whites came out
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