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History 3321E
Eric Jarvis

Plantation Nexus ContOct 5Slavery The peculiar institution White supremacy Slavery dies with civil war but white supremacy will go onWs will dominate white southern thinking Inconceivable the plantations could run without slavery slaver more cost effectiveRace linematernal Key reasons for itLabour shortagest1 Africans arrived 6 years after colony est 1619These africans were NOT slaves appeared to be indentured servantsImpact the USs evolution as a wholeBecame custom that Africans become enslaved Therefore they become candidates for inferiorityColour of their skin came to justify their slaveryancient times slaves were all colours During this era there were no slaves in Britain just partook in tradeBritain have very little contact with AfricansKey linkagelabour shortage and race Africans move to an automatic slave status Africans became chattel property thEnd of 17 clear a distinct is being made between slaves and white servants Servanthumans slave does nothuman Bottom line why would you destroy your own property Colonial EraStill imported slavesdirectly from Africa They have been seasoned in the west indiesThey usually came from the west coast of Africast1 stageperson would not be enslaved by white ppl originally but by blacksMarched to the coast and sold to whites on the coast typical nd2 stagethen sold to whites packed on shipsdidnt want them to dieSoutherners NOT selling slaves Some of the ppl realized what was going on ppl jumped off the shiprd3 stageEnd up in the sugar island or the southern coloniesNo one speaks the same languagePut on sale in a slave marketInspected bid on auctioned and sold Takes place over 4 or 5 monthsClimatization problemEstimated before end of slave trade 427000 africans50000 illegally smuggled in afterWhy was there so few deaths in the souther coloniesPortuguese in Brazil worked slaves to deathIn NA majority of Africans arrive in 17301760
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