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History 3321E
Eric Jarvis

Plantation Nexus ContRiceThis is a crop of the low countrySouth Carolina originallyWill spread into GeorgiathContinued into the 19 century but is not grown there anymoreRice cannot leave the coast just by the nature of its cultivation it will not move westRivers are crucialmajor engineering featNeed tides butt cannot allow the salt to get inLocation of some of the richest plantations One of the plantations have over 500 slavesNo hydraulic equipment hoe and sickleLearned the cultivation from black African slaves Lots of labour requiredThis labour is the worstex building carols in waist deep water with poisonous snakes and horrid heat Mosquitos carried diseasesmalaria and yellow feverSeemed to whites was that the balks survived the rice areas better then whitesBlacks had sickle cell anemia made you resistant to the malaria and yellow feverRice cannot be grown on a mom pop opHoe the land underwater Harvest SickleMilling of the riceseparate
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