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Western University
History 3415E
Karen Priestman

October 01, 2012 3415 Organization of the state - emperor/Kaiser: Wilhelm 1 - imperial chancellor: Bismarck - bundersrat (federal council): o federal states - reichstag: o elected representatives o universal manhood suffrage over 25 o parliament can’t dismiss the chancellor, only Kaiser o parliament can’t initiate legislation, can only debate o cannot dissolve itself - elections held every 3 years - Organized under Prussian leadership - 2/3 of the territory- largest single entity in the Bundsrat - the other states are dependent upon Prussia for income - many memember maintain Prussian office, and also take a federal office - Prussia dominates this new federal state - Also a tension between Prussia & federal state. Even though many official enjoy this double office holding, they resent it because…. Germany Divided - 4 kingdoms - 6 grand dutchies - 5 dutchies - 7 principalities - 3 free cities - 1 imperial territory - region: o particularsts o guelphs - ethnicity/nationality - religion - politics o fed o democrats Bismarck forges a union - Uses national liberal party as allies - Attacks reichsfeinde: o other nationalities: * Poles*, Danes, French o Catholics o Socialists o Anyone else who did not endorse 1871 o 32000 expelled out of Poland by 1888. 10 000 were Jews. Began to Germanize Poland. Ethnic resettlement project o a similar belief in German nationalism as the Nazi policy o Poles are the most significant- easiest to attack them out of the other minorities o Liberals want to create a unified Germany with Bismarck. Will sacrifice anything for this o Key way of controlling state & military- liberals agreed to a 7 year military thing Kulturkampf: 1870s - Against political Catholicism (Zentrum) - Falk/ May Laws- 1873, 1874: o State control over education, clergy appointments, marriage  More of the case of Prussia challenging them, rather than the Reichstag o Excesses: Jesuit order expelled, priest imp
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