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Western University
History 3415E
Karen Priestman

October 20, 2012 3415 E Bismarck consolidates the act of unity. Divides people whenever they try to stand against him - Germans are divided along religious lines - Had to deal with diff cultures: poles & French - Economic downturn - Rids liberals by: o Anti socialist parties o Tariff laws - Secularizes the education system - Kulturekampf- take away control of the catholic clergy, Marriages become state duty Aspects of Unity: - Common currency - Weighs and measures- facilitates free exchange - Laws - Universalizes Railways - German army (mostly Prussian but still federal) - Imperial civil service (“) - Universal elementary education Bismarck’s foreign policy - Bad Kissingen Decree (1877) o 3 choices: o Compensate powers for prussia territorial gains- Faced with land powers: France & Russia- NO  Can’t fight both, needs to be wary of an alliance between the two of them  Acquiring territories is not possible for Germany- neither will let that happen o Semi- hedemony- NO  “when there are 5 be one of 3”- Five great powers, be one of the three (Austria- Hungary, Germany, British, France, Russia)  britian is trying to keep the balance of powers, Germany cannot build a fleet  France and Germany will never be allies- border questions (Alsace Lorraine)  Will embark on Germnay and take back Alsace Lorraine o Preserve status quo-Britain intent on maintain balance- YES - The Plan: o Isolate France Diplomatically o Web of alliances radiating out of Berlin - The lynchpin: o Will on be successful if they van secure an alliance with: o Russia - The whole goal of this plan Three Emperor’s league - 1873, 1881, 1884 - Germany, Austira- Hungry, Russia o Austria & Russia have competing relationships o - Consultations to maintain the peace Congress of Berlin - re
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