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History 3427E
Karen Priestman

Institutionalization of Racism - Antisemitic legislation • April 7, 1933- Law for the Reestablishment of the Progressional Civil Service • Sept 1935- Nuremberg Laws • Nov 9, 1938- Reichskristallnacht - these three periods show an intensification of german policies and then a relaxation April 1st Boycott - initial focus of communist - violent arrests of communists - first target of nazi violence then the jews - the SS and the SA will initiate this boycott and then it will begin its own momentum - these jewish businesses will then die - boycott failed- this shows that in an early stage, germans show social ties • they continue to go to jewish bakery that they have been going to for years, regardless of the SS officer standing outside to not go in - Nazis learn that German citizens are ready for this attack and they need to be more gradual about it The Civil Service Law: - April 1933 - actually directed against political opponents - one paragraph gradually removes jews from civil service - "Aryan Paragrahpphy" gradually removes "Non Aryans" from the civil service and various profressoin - very important becuas this just continues to expand and increase - this makes germans join this regim without being a nazi - they do it as a strategy and work move - April 25 1933- Law for the Overcrowding of German Schools • Quota of non Aryan students to to exceed 1.5% • say that their being fair because jews are over represented in schools so their giving other people a chance • seemingly rationalization for the beginning of the extermination of the jews people The Nuremberg Laws: - 1935 - announced at a rally - law for the protection of German blood and honour • prevents mixed marriages • Rassenschande • crime to engage in this behaviour - Reich Citizenship law • strips jews of german citizenship and all rights that go with it - the term non-aryan is replaced with jewish or jew - they defined jews in a religious terms - seems like its gonna end here Rassenschande: - really easy thing of acucsing someone of - any kind of relationship can be denounced - this creates powerful boundaries between geramsn and the jews because of the fear of there interaction being misunderstood -"race defilement" - sentences range 1 day to 15 years • treatment of jewish women is far more lenient then the treatment of jewish men • many punished by public humiliation which is very bad - thousands sentences, many more investigated - jewish men often experience harsh
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