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History 3427E
Karen Priestman

Methods of Implementation: - child allowances/ marriage loans -ahnerbe- ahnenpassen • elaborate family tree • must trace back to your grandparents seeing if your aryan or jewish • gives rise to public investigators • people discovering that they were jewish that never knew, changing their whole lives • people felt just a relief when they realized that they were actually aryan -lebensborn - National Socialists People's Welfare (NSV) - Hitler Youth • all the kids wanna be a member • its an afternoon event, its after school • left out of class early • have really nice uniforms that look exactly like the adult uniforms • certain things that teachers were suppose to be teaching- if teachers aren't teaching these things you spend a year on an indocteration camp where your bombarded with propaganda and you are suppose to be enlightened after and go back to your class and teach all the good things about anzis - Camps for Education Rassenkunde: - tho was the subject that nazis implemented in school curriculum - they hate education but think that it is a powerful insittiuiont for getting at youth - put a huge importance on youth
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