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The Functioning of the Nazi State.docx

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History 3427E
Karen Priestman

The Functioning of the Nazi State The Dual State: - party • • Secuirty service • Foreign Affairs • Waffen SS • Gauleiter - State • Gestapo The Four Pillars: -they functioned around four main pillars 1. Party 2. State 3. Miitary 4. Economy - the people that become really powerful in Nazi germany are people that can infiltrate all four pillars • ex. Heinrich Himmler • success comes from him infiltrating all four of these pillars • party- Reischfuhrer SS • state- Head of German Police, Interior Minister • military- head of Waffen SS • economy- camp system (exploits concentration camp system for economic gain) The Teflon Dictator - saying that nothing can stick to hitler - always has to say that he has nothing to do whats going on - Ex. Krystalant- he condones it but once it goes wrong he is able to bring himself out of it saying he wasn't involved - four things that make this - Cult-like • keeps loyalty of supporters - Infallibilty - "If only the Fuhrer knew" - Charisma • powerful denotation of women to hitler • foster this notion of him as a bachelor so he is always available • keeping this interest of german women In Practice - Negative Selection • Martin bROSZAT • What does get acted upon is the negative aspects of Nazi • if you attack the jews, there is no population in german that you can alienate - Cumulative Radicalization • Hans Mommsen • increasing radicalization - Working Towards the Fuhrer • Ian Kershaw • always leaving clues in conversation that hitler always has • he only wants to deal with the big stuff not the everyday duties of ru
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