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Lecture 6

Week 6 Readings - Rothenberg & Koser.docx

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History 3429F/G
Pierre Reynard

Week 6 Readings Rothenberg Article  No single cause for any war  Ideology not a main factor in the Terror/Revolutionary wars  Emergence of a new type of warfare o People’s war not wars of a king  Places blame on Napoleon  Power the major issue o Basis of ideology o More concerned with the maintenance of power because of the different nature of government  Republic vs. monarchy  Difficult to understand the whole without looking at the individual states/provinces o Napoleon had to hegemonic Europe (opposite of the balance of power) o France to keep order within Europe o Similar to present USA  Cannot completely eliminate ideology from the equations o Major changes rooted in them  Events in France compromise idea of balance of power in Europe o Balance of power and balance of terror are different o Power  differences are limited  New elements of war o Production capacities of countries o Increased size of armies o Conscription o Bureaucracy
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