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Week 8 - Stopping the Revolution

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Western University
History 3429F/G
Pierre Reynard

The article Failure of the Liberal Republic in France by Hunt, Lansky and Hanson explains the failure of the Republic in France in terms of political instability and disorganization within the Directory. This regime is often thought of, by both historians and contemporaries, as both corrupt and ineffectual and was believed to have nothing in common with the early ideals and desires at the beginning of the Revolution in 1789. The Brumaire coup stems from the fundamental contradictions between the ways that the notable Revolutionaries thought about the politics of the Directory and how they were actually enacted. The development of a political system based on elected officials was one of the main goals of the Revolution since 1789 and most Frenchmen were qualified to vote. However, the holding of elections annually became dangerous to the political system. This was to be a republic based on elected bourgeoisie, not aristocratic or popular, and therefore their management had to change. These changes to the electoral process are one of the main reasons why people began to question the way that their country was being run and became distrustful of the Directory. It was believed that the system was corrupt again and therefore needed to be overthrown and replaced. Howard Brown’s article Revolt and Repression in the Midi Toulousain (1799) gives proof that the political insurrections and demonstrations in Toulouse in August of 1799 is evidence of the growing anarchy in France befor
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