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Western University
History 2125F/G
Peter Krats

National Policy : The Labour Side Recall the NP • Create Canada = BNA Act • Physical Expansion • Railway Building Settling the West • • Building a Proletariat • Protectionist Policy CONSIDERATIONS • big operations and new notions • labouring lives: staples, rural, urban • workers react • - unions of many sorts • divisions and limits MANAGERIAL REVOLUTION • larger operations • - food processing • - retail (modern forms) • securing bigger firms • - limited liability • - price fixing • - mergers • these three things lead to elitist control INDUSTRIAL CHANGE • building one big plant and close six little ones to promote efficiency however as a result more and more people are without their own businesses FURTHER CONSOLIDATING BANKING • constant money asserts up 3 folkd • 1901-13 tp 2.3 billion • from 37 firms 1897 to 24 • now there are only 5 • bigger operations that require different runnings and operations CORPORATIONS AS CITIZENS • limited liability and joint stock • - ownership ie protect the investor and normalized • corporations have rights as citizens • protection of property (oldest) • broader legal protections • corporations have rights not responsibilities • in shor
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