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Lecture 5

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History 2125F/G
Peter Krats

BUSINESS AND LABOUR FACE WAR AND PEACE • immediate reactions to war • government takes many hands • command economy - boom everyone including women were involved • • roaring 20s (some places) • business bigger and consumerism infancy PRE WAR RECESSION • overseas credit tightens • credit reliant business need less lumber, bricks, steel • • resource industries • transportation PLENTY OFGOVERNMENT POWER • war measures act - strongest of any that was passe • control what people are trading • cost of living controller • war trade board • wartime grain board - experiment turned reality • finance act of central bank • purchase of railways • purchasing war material MORE GOVERNMENT BUSINESS BOOMS AFTER UNEVEN START • Joseph Flavelle - because of manufacturing in Canada - contracts from just after the war were still in place for the war to produce guns etc • staples plays a dominant player in after the war effort - mining in everything except gold and silver (in the base metals) is growng really well • lumber is also growing very well e • federal spending quadruples after the war effort • introduce income tax for first time at the federal level • women began to earn money - largely unnoticed by people in government • did peacework sewing at home • women create telephone unions 5 LEADING FEMALE OCCUPATIONS • domestic servent • seamstress • office clerk • teacher • phone operator there was a cost of living controller but he couldnt control inflation - people were making less but prices were going up BUSINESS • stongly linked to british firms went zoom into the war effort • ones linked to the US remained stagnant unions doubles in size during the second world war in 4
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