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History 2125F/G
Peter Krats

WAR BRINGS CHANGE AND CONTINUITY WAR WARPS SOCIETY • 1.1 million serve • 100,000 casualties • much pressure on domestic society - command economy that gets stuff done for the war • War measures act - orders in council, allows you to do anything in war • CD Howe - absolute discretion to mobilize control, restrict or regulate • Not a traditional FORD product - companies lke this recognize that they can make a profit and stay out of trouble - begin making different kinds of military transport vehicles • Tanks are not as good as the german ones, but they can make 20-30 times as many - it just sacrificed peoples lives - they wanted to outproduce • Class Corp Polysar Sarnia - crown corporations • victory bonds - a way for the government to get large lump sums from its population and only pay a little back in interest • advertising had to go to the war effort to show loyalty and effectivity. patrioticness was lucrative • link between wartime and peaceful production • for now help fight but keep buyers dreams alive - firm mergers • family incomes rise because women are now working, they are making more so that they can save more • debts rise because expenditures are high • labour and management are pooling their strength to give us the means of victory in war and progress in peace • manufacturing jobs improved because of the war boom • labour law arises: privy council 1003 - first modern labour law in canada created in jan of 1944l - must negotiate with the union - legal recognition for the rights for unions to exist BUSINESS • individuals within a union cannot stop working if you disagree with a companies decision - you have to grieve • ford workers at Windosr lead an automatic checkoff - against human rights, forcing them to be in the union, 99 day strike • Rand: famous judge fo
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