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History 2125F/G
Peter Krats

Hist 2125f Lecture One: Intro and Course Outline September 6, 2012 Staples Theory: economy built where locals work for the greater good of other countries and areas because they manufacture some raw material and sell it - Issue whether Canada should ship our fresh water to US to save corn crop o We would profit for a little while, then consequences - Europeans brought their own policies (Mercantilism) but First nations had different set of business practices (potash giving away things to bring status to yourself) European Settings - Rise of powerful “Nation-States”, emergence of Capitalism - Kings had very little power so lords did what they felt was right - Wars broke out, King established a standing permanent army (how to pay them/feed them? Could steal but that would bring bad blood, so capitalism was considered take excess stuff and sell somewhere that is without) - Mercantilist Model: as European nation (England, Scotland, Sweden, France, etc.) created colonies, could build up wealth of European nation by receiving natural resources from colonies and sending them back the finished product - Opposes free trade! - Why did Europe go west to the new world? Couldn’t go East due to much more powerful Middle eastern countries - Barely even touched the east coast, found real riches from less glamorous items (example: cod fish in Canada’s east coast) o Reason fish was so popular, guaranteed market in Europe where religious couldn’t eat meat on many days of the year but fish was deemed okay - created a sophisticated business structure: boats, employees, preservative for overseas (salt which comes from ano
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