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Lecture 8

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History 2125F/G
Peter Krats

*-Ô43ÕtotÔ4b5dhaddtolpaynforcedsslavingsa(theseoearnedsidnteresttbutwit was forced not *iVictoryobyondsnwere highly advertised telling people to buy bonds and that woul dBusiness jsoinsninnthehwaraeffort (while selling product) in their advertisement *FIncomeorimses,tSavingstrise,nFaamilyÕstincomefrisei(bescauseuoftall thefwives worki oIGovernmenttibelievesithestwo,muhstoworkstogetherutohporoducerandeimprove)ecoonomy *oÒLaboursapndoManagement are poowling theirhstrength to give us the means of victor *SLimit4sugdartandicoffeep(hasctoy,bershippedofromnoversCeasaso ration it because o *WEveryoneddcanccontributeo(Slidew,46)isorworkthardeno fmattergwhatayouidownolt just ot11rmilliotnmpeople(andmonly9300h,000ptaxpayerse(welldoover 90%lof households were making less than $1,000 single or $2,000 married) -->Only 2.7% make enough to p *yLifeaatshsomeewaststillltough,ywwages gone up a little and a little more full-ti *eIfnyouÕrebnproducingrsomethingt,theeGovÕtsdoesnÕtgcaraedaboutnex.lGoldy(notigusediindwar * LabourpLaewiArisesÑGovÕttgraduanllyhstepsdintpreventing strikes and lockouts --and *nFeb.t1944bwCabinetemeetsaandniszsuesePrivyacouncildorndersiP.C. 1003i(the order n *mJobaofrthiegunionntofmakeosuretithatuworkersonevertstpoptworkingfjustobecauase the * Companyrhaasbthe righthongeveryothingathathisnÕtjin)tÐhercontractb(asgaeuniaonileade *oIvanmRande:CItcisfagainstahumanaerightsitoyforcefsomenoneato)be a member of a uni on, but you must pay dues because the union means better working conditions (Ran d Formula) is how it is calculated ÐFinancial version of modern labour relations i *WAfteritheh'waruwhenfmenmcametba)ck,iunionsoaressupposbedntouprotect them,gsoouthey *EDuringcwamr,nAmericanicomicibooeksnwereacutyoffcÐwe)hnad to deal with Canadian comi osAmericankaogreesmtotbuy>and1invaest0moreein Canada bevcausenCanadauneededhthweamon *LEndiofwthhetwareweasellooffiwarcwrelated supplies inexpensively (supplies, facto oiWeehadragareed to free trade but that did not go through, but we agreed on the international monetary fund (IMF) and general agreement on tariffs and trade (GA oTPublicosenctorashouldErunotheietconomy (that is the view at the time) ÐGovernment *hEx.sins
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