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Lecture 2

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Peter Krats

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Lecture 2 Legacies of a Mercantilist Economy Atlantic Canada • Was prosperous • Wind, Water, Wood, Works Well • Some of richest Canadians are in that area • Reasonably well paid worker in 1860’s makes 200 a year Lower Canada – Southern Quebec • Destroyed in 18 century warfare • Conquest of French by English • After conquest the English speakers control the politics and economy • English speakers dominate economy by 1800 One Case of English Speaking Takeover • Iconic business man to run French speaking province • John Molson Montreal Harbor 1832 • Biggest and most prosperous place in British North America • In 1832 your average in income is double if you are English rather than French Canada Company “Huron Tract” 1832 • Blending of government idea and private sector to develop • Over 1 million acre of land Process of land development • People on the land • Organized • Surveyed • Very slow process • Most people farmed around the trees until they rotted out Building Changes • By 1860s start to see classic vernacular southern Ontario house Rural UC Circa 1840 • Building of churches • Funded locally • Building of roads – by 1840s better roads • Farms are becoming business • Fences show private property • Settled and developed • This is already happening in Urban areas 1804 – Lake Ontario Settlement– YORK – Until 1834 – renamed Toronto • Government says capital will be there • Drives economic development • Need Better Transport th • Toronto – Burlington Road early 19 century • Gradually a network of macadamized roads is built Welland Canal Key link: • Niagara falls • Rapids and waterfalls • Hamilton business man find that American businessman are taking business to New York • Worried about economic prosperity • People from Lake Erie can take stuff to Toronto and Hamilton • They go to the government – Canadian business government relationship • Ridal Canal in Ottawa – Built for government military Royal William: First Canadian Steamer Across the Atlantic: 1833 • Sailing ships guaranteed the transportation o Not time • Steam ships could do 5 – 10 knots but made quicker time for business Samuel Cunard: • Innovation of mail delivery • Canadian Entrepreneur • Cunard lines – why does amazon succeed • Guaranteed quick delivery Infrastructure: • No currency exchange system • Want national bank • 1790s asking for a bank • 1810 asking for a bank • 1812 British government runs out of money • Army Bill • Bank of Montreal – Fist at ST. Paul St. Montreal • Not legal • Paper money emerges • 3 dollar bill – bank of lower Canada • Bank money in circulation until 1830s Postage: • Fundamental infrastructural development • Revolutionary Change away from Mercantilism: • How come growth continued • Labor and manufacturing Dominate philosophy for a millennium: • Adam Smith 1760’s – the wealth of nations • Free trade Hugo Grotius 1625: • Why not free trade Anders Chydenius: • The national gain 1765 • Same idea of Adam Smith • The rich will get richer will get richer with capitalism and fee trade • He is not saying capitalism will make people better off • He is saying if he create indus
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