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Lecture 9

lecture 9 - keynsian 2

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History 2125F/G
Peter Krats

Lecture 9 Keynesian Canada • Gov’t, Business and Labour 1945-1970 • Heroes of Capitalism • Losers in a Boom • Labour o Red Scare and other Issues o Unity and Restlessness • Enter Stagflation • “Heroes” of Canadian Capitalism? • KC Irving - One of the mighty business empires in Canada at the time and remains to be (on the east coast) • Alfred Billes - Leader in retail. Produces what we call customer loyalty program. Canadian Tire • Roy Thomson - Starts in great depression selling radios, looks into buying radio stations and finds they are mostly owned by newspapers. Ends up becoming a newspaper mogul worth $500 million • Sam Bronfman - Immigrant in Manitoba and founds Seagrams, which becomes a world leader in blended whiskey • Quiet Revolution - The First Francophone Business Stars • J-Armand Bombardier - Starts with a snowmobile (Ski-doo) • Perhaps the Most Evocative of the Postwar Boom Mentality - EP Taylor o Taylor Pioneers New Directions for Management - Creates holding company • Discovers you don’t need 51% of shares to control a company, but a large percentage will get you “effective” control • Bought companies and replaced leadership with his own people  Changed companies’ focus from product to profit • Challenges: • Carter (1962-1966) • Convinced that the system is starting to slip because of attitudinal changes: • “Fairness should be the foremost objective of the taxation system...the poor paid more than their fair share while the wealthy avoided taxes through various loopholes.” • Not surprisingly, his suggestion that business should pay more tax falls on deaf ears • Also not surprisingly, the lack of business tax causes the country to run deficits and take on a debt • Not a failure of Keynesianism, a failure of the government to face government and begin taxing them again • Almost all manufacturing is in Ontario and Quebec, a large percentage in Toronto and Montreal o Even with Keynesianism, the regionalism problem can’t be solved • What of Workers? • Fordist Industrial Compromise Brings Overall Gains • Keynesiasts want affluent society • Neo-Liberals want rich society • Recall: PC 1003 • Legal recognition of Bargaining Agent • Unions must use “grievance procedure” • Not in deal: “Management prerogative” • Industrial Relations and Disputes Investigation Act • Next in line after Trades Unions Act (1872) and IDIA (1907) • Government emphasizes “production” during war and into 60s • Women’s employment skyrockets and so do family incomes (increases GDP as well) • “Oh, to be a WASP” • Education - Getting a BA allows you to pick your job • Nature of work • Gender - Women make 50-60% of what men do (~72% now) • “Ethnicity”/
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