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January 4 - Versailles and its Malcontents.docx

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Western University
History 2145A/B
Robert Ventresca

Versailles and its Malcontents: The Paris Peace Settlement and its Consequences Essay Draft Due Feb 1 3 Historical Questions:  In what ways did the Paris Peace Conference represent “six months that changed the world” – never had the world leaders been together for so long, stayed together for six months, redrew the map of Europe  Did the Paris Peace conference = basis for a lasting peace or a “twenty year truce”  Was the Treaty of Versailles excessively punitive, thus setting the stage for the rise of Nazism in Germany? – was it the main factor; excessively punishes Germany – Nazis claim that the treaty was majorly oppressive Why Hitler? Why Germany? The German Sonderweg (special path) - Is there something unique about Germany’s history? And if so, what is it? How far back do you have to go? - Structure and conjuncture; causes and events – structure is long term, conjuncture is catalyst events No other country will face the same chain of unfortunate events that would ultimately lead to the rise of German power (Nazi regime) – everything in Germany's history leads to Nazism The immediate consequences of the first world war is that it unleashed the totalitarian demons Germany bears the brunt of the loss due to the treaty of Versailles, and the perception of the peace settlement (became an evil nation to the world) Versailles directly related to Nazism? There is a decade to account for in between the treaty and the rise of the Nazis An entire generation (old world) collapses – the government that ruled the world for hundreds of years fell and was replaced by new, untested systems “the successor states” emerge independent after years of c
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