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History 2145A/B
Robert Ventresca

Europeans thought that they were progressing at a high point in civilization zenith There was a pretention that we were bettering the world ex the Titanic the Eiffel TowerTotalitarians justified their actions by reasoning that they in fact were progressing and leading towards a future of utopiaCongress of Vienna 1815 ended the war of 1812started a century of peaceCrimean war 1850s three years claims 400 000 livesFrancoPrussian war 18701871 140 000 lives property that fuels ww2 stems from here lands taken this is peaceful compared to future WW19 million people die about 5 million civilians WW240 million people die most are civiliansThere is a difference in how war is foughtwhy are civilians a primary target in ww2Totalitarianismwhy is the term controversialHistorical regimes are differentnot one thingLabel is used looselythrown around presently but means something different in history Take the typology of totalitarianism as stated in your textbook
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